BUROindustries R80


The R80 frame is hand crafted in solid wood and all covers are woven by hand. The R80 was designed to be modular and scaled in size to fit any environment. The Chaise is held to the main frame with rare earth magnets which means it can be swapped around to suit any room layout, or even used as a seperate seat.

Add another chaise to the R80 and it becomes a double bed.


The R80 uses the natural properties of wood, arranged and structured in such a way that the finished piece is extremely solid and long lasting.

Every R80 is unique and hand built..

“We really just love to make useful things.”


Establishing the new brand and telling our story through the designs of our products, we continue to craft BuroIndustries to maturity.

Our story is sincere, and that enables the us to maintain quality and relevance over our competitors.


This is unique handmade furniture.