IQPC are one of the worlds largest event and conference producers. Each year they produce around 2000 events in areas as diverse as pharmaceuticals, defence, shared Services and oil & gas.

They also produce a phenomenal amount of specialised content through their IQ Portals, reaching millions of users worldwide.


A number of new IQ Portals were set up on Drupal. They needed to be rolled out quickly and integrated into the existing marketing platforms and CRM systems - which are Oracle based.

We set about redesigning the IQ brand for the new portals, and built the sites with a multi-site administration (no mean feat with Drupal) and hooked it all up with custom modules, data tracking and publishing tools.


We've now launched, and are managing 3 portals on the same network. Each portal is attracting huge amounts of users and sponsored 3rd party content. New plugins and modules are being developed to increase reach, usability, data tracking and marketing. More portals are planned to be launched in the near future, cementing the great work achieved by everyone involved in the projects.

In addition to all this, we've just added a private messaging system and VIP content for paid subscribers of the Portals. IQ Portals are going to be the best place in the world for specialised content.

“3 portals with massive diversity of content. More to come..”

Sigh Jones / Creative Director

Photography by TheBuro