Kanna Explore


The team behind Kanna approached studioBURO to brand, design and build their new app - Kanna Explore.


The concept is a simple one - an app to find public spaces and parks. Surprisingly - it's very difficult and there's no one app or website to locate something - especially if you're on holiday, or visiting a new area...


studioBURO worked with the Kanna team to develop a brand, website, iOS and Android app that enabled users to locate great spaces and parks for a day (or a few hours!) out. People needed to understand KannaExplore as more than another map app; It is a considered experience that delivers a vast collection of public spaces and points of interest not available any where else.

studioBURO created and delivered a brand experience that resonates with users eager to find new places to explore, local or national. 

“Drawing inspiration from the freedom of exploration, studioBURO's goal was to provide an experience that was simple and refreshingly easy to use.

sigh jones / Partner + Creative Director

All branding, design and build by studioBURO