Mansour Run!


Our latest foray into the gaming world, Mansour Run was proposed by the Buro to bridge the gap between the release of a second series of the popular UAE cartoon Mansour. The task was to come up with an idea for keeping the fan base engaged while promoting the core values which the series creator hoped to instil in their target audience. We proposed a free App, a classic running game featuring the cartoon’s main character, available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Nominated Best of App Store 2014 in 3 countries and with over a million downloads, we think we’ve hit the mark.


Mansour is an animated series about a young Emirati boy with big dreams. Created to engage with young people and strengthen ties to their heritage and culture, Mansour incorporates important issues facing the region’s next generation into compelling story lines designed to captivate their imagination.

In particular, the clients wanted something that would promote fitness and healthy choices that their target audience of young people would find fun.


Now fans of the series can run, jump and glide as they dodge minions and collect healthy foods over three exciting levels to activate power boosts and avoid being caught by a sugar monster. Loosely based on an episode which saw one of the main characters in a dreamworld surrounded by sweets and being chased by a giant chocolate blob, we turned the story into an opportunity for the character to come alive and race through this world, making healthy choices along the way.

We have completed the first in a series of updates to the game, adding additional levels, new minions, in-app purchases and push notifications. Future updates will see additional characters, a localised user interface and Facebook integration.

“Nearly 1.5 million downloads, and Best of Apps 2014. Its smashed every expectation we had. We're really pleased.”

Sigh Jones  / Creative Director