The Buro was invited to rebrand MHC after a period of consolidation. We decided to focus the brand on 3 main areas - Support, Respect and Equality. Everyone at MHC, residents and staff alike are unique indivuals and this needed to be reflected throughout the brand. We devised a DNA brand - a code - that gives eveyone their own identity, whilst remaining part of the larger family.

A new business system was then introduced through a new website. We called it 'Engage'. Engage has 4 distinct areas of focus:


Each employee is given access to company resources on line; everything from blog articles, timesheets and health and safety information to research papers and reading lists.


HR focuses on job advertisment, tracking, interview scheduling, training and approval processes.


Scheduling then lets all the managers from homes and hospitals (called Streams) manage their care workers shifts, staying in touch via text message, email and calls.


Workerbank is a system designed to replace the huge costs of employing agency nurses and staff. Collecting approved temporary workers in their own 'bank' MHC can call on these resources at any time to cover short falls in permanent staff - potentially saving up to £40k per month in agency fees.

“The coloured key can be viewed as chromosomes, building blocks or even people. The sequences represent the search for answers - making sense out of something that at first has none. It represents problem solving and offers rewards to those that succeed.”


MHC's previous identity did little to reflect the real stories in an industry that struggles with its image, despite the astonishing commitment of its staff. But how do you get across the idea that mental healthcare can be transformed into a better, positive and unique experience? These ideas drove the branding process - based on simple and individual messaging the illustrations, photography and DNA code translate their optimism into a determind vision for mental healthcare as a whole.


This language of inclusiveness and care extends through the entire brand from the business systems in Engage, to the information and transparency that MHC is fully commited to supporting.

“MHC is expanding rapidly. The entire system is designed to grow, infinitely, with each individual, each Stream and each business that comes on line”