Set Theory


Set Theory is a soundtrack to a film and the first chapter of a planned trilogy. We wrote, recorded and produced the album, exploring the story themes though music, graphics, illustration, film and photography. The story is rooted in espionage, conspiracy theories, mathmematical movements, love, regret and human endeavour.

Set Theory was conceived to demonstrate our collective, creative thinking and to show clients (and potential clients) how the freedom to explore areas not connected with core business can often produce work that exceeds expectation.

“A string laden, horn blasting, Morricone Afrobeat house monster of an album with serious emotional punch. Think Cinematic Orchestra goes to a subterranean disco and ends up with a rare funk hangover.”

BrightSpark  / Secret Agent


The Set Theory soundtrack was written and recorded by The Buro and some very talented friends. It's a personal project by Tom Bailey and Sigh Jones. We decided to reverse the process by writing and recording the soundtrack first - documenting each theme of the film with the music. We discovered the process was similar to storyboarding. Mapping out each twist and turn in the tale and experiencing the emotional journey through sound, left room for the visuals to develop in a unique way.


As artists we’re extremely passionate about what we do. We get excited by the possibilities of a project. We’re not afraid to air our views, speak our minds and let our imaginations take over - it’s a wonderful thing. We take it off in lots of directions, most of which clients never see. All we’re saying is ‘lets explore those areas - you won’t be sorry’.

We decided to invest a lot of time and energy into doing something that we LOVE. Who doesn’t want to make music, design sets, film musicians, take photos, design a brand from scratch, hand print posters... It’s a dream come true. And when it’s finished, we’ll invite everyone to be a part of it. It’s really exciting.

Set Theory is due to ship in the Spring of 2015, and will be available to buy. Prints featured in this post are available to buy now. Please email us with any requests.